Commercial Leasing

Commercial Leasing Law

Understanding the Terms of Your Lease

Leasing or renting a commercial space is a big responsibility. Making sure you understand the terms of the lease agreement is essential to the success or failure of your business. 

Terms such as the alteration or renovation of the building, length of the lease, payments, and areas of tenant responsibility are key areas to understand and get right before signing a lease. 

Commercial building

Make Sure You Are Getting the Help You Need

Unlike residential leases, commercial leasing has less protection for the consumer. For instance, there is no cap on the security deposit or rules protecting your privacy. There is no standard commercial lease form in place. Every business is unique with unique requirements. Thus, every commercial leasing contract is just as unique.

Before you enter into a commercial contract, be sure to consult with us to ensure you are getting exactly what you will need to make your business venture a success.
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